Are you looking for the additional digital resources for teachers and the handbook that came with your Tric a Chlic packs? These are no longer available as a CD, the content is now available as digital downloads. Please e-mail [email protected] for a link to access your resources.

Tric a Chlic for Welsh medium schools

Tric a Chlic is an original Welsh medium synthetic, systematic, and attractive phonics programme.

Following recognition of the increasing need for colourful, well formatted resources to attract children to reading and writing, we set out to write a phonics program in Welsh for Welsh-medium schools. Following the experiences the author, Eirian Lloyd Jones, had during her career in the field of literacy and by testing various ways of teaching reading and writing, she saw that synthetic phonics was the best way to give children a solid basis to learn to read and spell so the programme was developed and published in 2012 for Welsh medium schools.

Tric a Chlic is a programme that:

  • teaching the sound and form of letters
  • teaching building strategies to read and breaking words to spell
  • encourage fluency and expression when reading from the very beginning
  • offer interactive teaching methods
  • reinforce the steps regularly
  • move quickly from one cam to another.

What do schools and teachers think?

A large number of schools in Wales implement the programme with their learners and see the benefit and successes of the programme. Why not listen to some people’s opinions about the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the success of the original programme for Welsh-medium schools where Welsh is the mother tongue and is used in the classroom, a similar programme was created for English-medium schools. Both packages follow the same structure but the order of how the sounds are introduced varies between the two. The reason for this is that the English medium programme will build on the foundations of the English phonics that the children will already have.

The complete pack includes a series of 42 books. You will receive 6 copies of each book. There are sets of A5 cards in plastic pockets along with sets of A4 size reading strips for cutting. In addition to this, you will have access to loads of digital resources and tracking sheets that you can download as needed

The price of a complete pack is £599. You can also add to the pack by purchasing individual steps or aspects of the complete package. To see what’s available, follow the link to the shop.

You do not have to buy the complete pack in order to be able to deliver the programme. Each stage is also sold individually along with the resources. You can also arrange training for your school before you start delivering the programme. For more information about the training, contact [email protected]

You can find all the additional resources on our online shop.

When you buy the packs from our online store you will receive a code to access your digital downloads. We keep a record of the codes.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] and we can arrange for you to receive the code again.

Yes, a collection of resources for parents can be found in our resources section. You can download them or why not visit our online shop where you can find digital and additional resources that parents can buy.

You can organise training or revision sessions for your school by contacting the author of the programme, Eirian Lloyd Jones [email protected]

Both apps should work on most iOS devices newer than ~2018. Unfortunately they’re not available on the Google Play Store at the moment. Because of this we have made the apps available to anyone who wants to use them, until we can publish them again on Android:

What's in the box?

Watch these short videos to see what’s in the pack when you buy the Tric a Chlic programme for Welsh-medium schools…

Don’t forget, each pack comes with a pack of digital downloadable resources.

Why not see how Tric a Chlic is used in schools across Wales.


Since announcing the Tric a Chlic programme for Welsh medium schools in September 2012, and then for English medium schools in 2018, I have been traveling all over Wales training primary school teachers and teaching assistants on how to present and implement the programme. This is done with individual schools, clusters of schools or at consortium level and during the lockdown period via Zoom. By now several thousand members of staff in hundreds of schools have received the training.

During the training I will explain and show examples of strategies with the best use of step by step resources giving support and an opportunity to practice, discuss and prepare.

The courses for schools are open to:

  • primary school teachers
  • teachers of Special Needs units and language units
  • substitute teachers
  • Teaching assistants

If you would like to receive training then contact [email protected]