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Here you can find all the information you need about the Tric a Chlic programme. Find out more about the content of the programme and how to offer support to learners, or come and browse through the many attractive and colourful ideas and resources available to you. If you are a parent or carer who is new to the programme or a school that uses the programme with your learners then this website is here to support you!

What is Tric a Chlic?

Tric a Chlic is a synthetic phonics programme in Welsh for children aged 3-7. The programme is built from three elements namely,

  • hear and recognise the sounds,
  • combine (build) sounds to read
  • segment (cut) sounds to spell.

The synthetic phonics method focuses on presenting the sounds of the letters rather than presenting the alphabet in a specific order. By recognising and learning the sounds, the learners immediately begin to establish phonics building blocks, and with the right tools, use them to read simple words quickly:

  • when reading a word, they recognise the letters and combine appropriate sounds,
  • when writing a word they recognise the sounds and write the corresponding letters.

What's within the programme?

How Tric a Chlic is introduced to your child?

Learning and recognising the sounds

Identify and learn the letters by seeing and hearing the sound. The letters will be introduced in the form of sound and movement.

Learning to form the letters

Learning how to form the letters alongside the process of identifying and learning the sounds.

Blending the sounds

Once the children have started to recognise and learn just two sounds they will be able to start combining the sounds to help them read e.g. m-a-m mam and then on to write the new words.


Begin to recognising the phonic building blocks that are within a word in order to create a specific sound or sound. By learning to blend and segment at the same time, children become familiar with building and breaking the sounds within words, e.g. mor/lo > morlo

How is the programme structured?

The programme is divided into three stages: Cam 1, Cam 2 and Cam 3. Within the stages, the sounds are grouped into specific colours. Once the children recognise the sounds and associate the letters with the sounds, they will be able to blend the sounds to read the words within the colour group.

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