Tric a Chlic

It is over a month now since we celebrated Tric a Chlic’s tenth birthday and launched our new website. The aim of the website is to house all Tric a Chlic content in one easy to access place The response to the website so far has been fantastic and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has provided feedback and ideas! Keep them coming!

To maintain your enthusiasm our intention is to constantly develop and add to the website based on your ideas, the users. So why not help us? Have you created a resource that works well with your readers that you would like to share with others? Do you have ideas that would help you implement the Tric a Chlic programme better in the classroom or at home? Or ideas that parents can use to reinforce the learning?

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe with your help we can turn your idea into an actual resource!

Send your ideas to [email protected]