With the summer holidays on the horizon, here is an opportunity to remind you that we have everything you need to entertain your children on our website Tric a Chlic!

The selection of resources we have available is ideal for encouraging children to practice their phonics skills. Whether it be songs to sing together, games to make and play on a wet day or why not watch a few short podcasts by Eirian Lloyd Jones the author of the programme.

This summer holidays can feel long, so here are some ideas for you of fun and simple activities that you can do at home with your child to encourage them to become fluent and confident readers and writers!

Why not practice forming letters/words in sand, or use chalk, paint, clay or even shaving soap.

Did you know that there is a sample of activities on our website from our digital Parents’ pack. You can find the complete pack on our online shop. Why not print our letter dice game from the website The games you can play with the dice are endless! Why not throw the dice and ask your child to say the sound/word. Throw the dice and then form the letter on a large roll of paper or blackboard. Why not set a challenge and change the letters for words on the dice?

Play matching games – letter and letter, letter and picture, picture and picture or word and picture.

Children even enjoy playing simple games which only involve magnetic letters!

Good luck and your welcome to share your ideas with us. We would love to see them. Who knows maybe we can share your photos on our website!

Send your ideas to [email protected]